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Clinical Hypnotherapy, Regression & Soul Revival

We are delighted to announce a joint venture with the Holistic Treatment Centre to provide a range of complementary therapies in the salon. Sue Rowland is an experienced, highly qualified & nationally registered practitioner.

To book an appointment or for further information contact Sue direct on 01642 500138 / 07929 627384. You can also follow this link to visit the Holistic Treatment Centres website – Alternatively complete and submit our enquiry form below.


Clinical hypnotherapy seeks to cure at a deeper level of consciousness, bringing about physical or mental changes. Such changes include healing physical and emotional illnesses, reducing pain, inducing relaxation, relieving anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and gaining insight into present difficulties and past events. Hypnosis is also used as an extremely effective method of stopping smoking, losing weight, overcoming phobias and dealing with drug and alcohol addictions.


Past Life Regression/Regression therapy has two uses. It can go back to an earlier period of life to identify and confront the origins of an emotional problem. Or it can regress much further, into past lives. This deeper regression can also be therapeutic, dealing with situations still causing difficulty in the present life. Or indeed you may want to undergo it out of a healthy curiosity.


Do you ever feel that you’re “not quite here”? …that there’s a “bit of a hole” somewhere?…or an empty space that never gets filled?…We are beings of consciousness and feeling – consciousness that moves and flows, feelings that move our states of being from deep within. A violent shock can literally make us jump out of our skins. A traumatic experience can cause us to dissociate or separate part of ourselves from what is happening…”it was like watching it happening from a distance”. A loved one who leaves us can take our heart with them if we “give our heart away”. Even leaving a place that we love can “tear us in two” and can result in our leaving part of ourselves, part of our consciousness, behind in that place.

Healing the Wounds from the Past

Soul retrieval does not dwell on past events; there is only this vast awesome ever-moving great moment of now where there is no separate past, present or future. It is possible for a practitioner to journey and move outside of linear time to go to the place where that energetic event is still occurring for that individual, find and bring back that person’s life force which is held in that energetic event, and when this has been carried out, then the therapeutic healing of the event and it’s consequences can truly begin.

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