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Reiki & Kormanu Training

We are delighted to announce a joint venture with the Holistic Treatment Centre to provide Reiki & Kormana Training in the salon. Sue Rowland is an experienced, highly qualified & nationally registered practitioner & teacher

To book training or further information contact Sue direct on 01642 500138 / 07929 627384. You can also follow this link to visit the Holistic Treatment Centres website – Alternatively complete and submit our enquiry form below.

REIKI 1 - £90
REIKI 2 - £150

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

Learning Reiki for yourself can be quite life changing. You will notice your self change on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. You become more relaxed and at peace with who you are and the world you live in. you have learned Reiki you will be able to use Reiki healing techniques on yourself and others.

Incorporating two Reiki disciplines, one teaching the western approach and the other going back to the true Japanese origins of Reiki, my courses cover aspects of both traditions so that you get a good grounding in your own personal development and that of healing others.

Reiki is taught in three levels, Reiki level 1,level 2 and Reiki Master with each level enhancing your knowledge and power to channel this amazing energy. Each workshop is carried out over 1 day for 2 – 4 people and over 2 days for 4 – 8 people


KorManu is ancient and futuristic. It comes to us from the Fourteenth Dimension, which is the full circle of past, present and future. It has its birth in the language of the Dolphins, and comes to the Earth from the Dolphin Planet. It is used in many of the major star systems, which is where we originally learned it.

KorManu is being brought to Earth through the co-creative efforts of human receivers, Dolphin holders, and inter-dimensional Beings who are committed to the awakening of the Planet.

KorManu is not Reiki, but Reiki forms the energetic base within an individual on this plane to receive the more laser-like energies of KorManu.

KorManu is intelligent, powerful, creative and dramatic. It is evolutionary, therefore individuals who have received this Attunement will be inspired by Spirit in the moment, and will bring through many other symbols and methods of moving Light. You will be attuned to 22 symbols, individuals who have received these Attunements will also be assisted in their personal ascension process. It is also important that all channels for this energy be conscious of their motives and establish an Unconditionality of Being before using KorManu.

The web of attuned Masters is growing and it is with blessings that we welcome you as our brothers and sisters of Light.

For more information or to book training please complete & submit our enquiry form below:

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