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Treatments - Pure Decadence

Pamper sessions for that special occasion or just because you're worth it!

WEDDING PACKAGES AVAILABLE - designed specifically for individual requirements.

Priadara Cryssage

A luxurious treat starting with massage to the neck shoulders and upper back with warm polished crystals, followed by an essential facial with blended essential oils to give intensive relaxation.

> More details on the Priadara Cryssage treatment

Ultimate Stone Therapy

A full body stone massage and stone therapy facial completed with a healing crystal placement. The ultimate stone therapy experience!

> More details on the Ultimate Stone Therapy treatment

Holistic Top to Toe

A wonderful treatment for the mind, body & spirit, incorporating a full body aromatherapy massage and facial with reflex points and reiki. A truly balancing experience.

> More details on the Holistic Top to Toe treatment

Priadara Total Spa Experience

A fabulous treat for both the face and body, starting with a refreshing foot soak and invigorating body exfoliation, followed by a body wrap and finishing with massage and an essential facial.

> More details on the Priadara Total Spa Experience treatment